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Native Early Childhood Education Diploma Program

This program curriculum provides the student with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to organize and maintain a safe and stimulating learning environment, which ensures the total development of the young child. The program, which meets all the standards in the provincial Early Childhood competency guidelines, incorporates additional Aboriginal-specific components throughout the curriculum and recognizes the Aboriginal culture and language.

Graduates will be rewarded by their direct work with young children and their families as a member of a multi-disciplinary team. The opportunity for career advancement, financial and job security are also attractive characteristics in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Admission Requirements:
  • OSSD with the majority of courses at the college level; or

  • Mature student status 


All applicants must arrange with the Anishinabek Educational Institute to complete the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) before determining eligibility regardless of academic standing.

Field Placements:

Field placements are completed in the students’ place of employment with the condition that it is in a childcare setting. Employers who provide field placement settings require a clear POLICE RECORD CHECK for criminal offences with vulnerable sector screening before accepting a student into the field placement setting. The record check MUST be obtained by the student and at the students’ expense prior to the start of the 1st semester and updated every 6 months. If a student is unable to obtain this police clearance they will be unable to attend field placement, which results in ineligibility for graduation. Additional documents that are required include: Current Immunization Record, TB test, CPR & First Aid Certificate, and a medical exam.

All NECE students must submit to AEI the following documents PRIOR to commencement of placements (this includes students who may be employed at the placement site).
  • Current Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening at student expense (less than six (6) months old OR less according to placement site policy)
  • Current CPR & First Aid Training Certificate (obtained within the last 12 months/recertified)
  • Current Ministry of Health Immunization Record (yellow card) & Mantoux Two Step TB Test - *Check with your Health Care Provider to ensure that your immunizations are up-to-date*
  • St. Clair Medical Forms – to be completed IN FULL by your Health Care Provider

If you have submitted documents in previous semesters, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are current. Check the dates of your documents to ensure that they are in line with the above requirements.

Employment Opportunities:

Positions are available in community and municipal Ontario Early Years Centers, child care centers, in-home care and in JR/SR Kindergarten classes. Graduates are uniquely prepared to address the culturally based and culturally specific needs of First Nations communities.

Program Of Study

Semester 1

Fundamentals of Academic Writing
Child Growth and Development I
Methods I: Role of the Teacher
Introduction to Native Studies
Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Semester 2
Child Growth and Development II
Methods II: Curriculum Planning
Positive Relationships
Field Work I

Semester 3

Methods III: Advanced Applications
Exceptional Child
Health, Nutrition and Safety
Basic Psychology
Field Work II

Semester 4

Methods IV: Program Management
Day Care in the Community
Native Culture: Artistic Expression
Community Development
Field Work III


2015 St. Clair Medical Forms
Completed forms and supporting documentation is required.
Please follow instructions in a timely manner.


Program Rack Card
File: NECErackcard.jpg

St. Clair Medical Forms
File: 2015medical_requirement_forms.pdf

NECE program flyer
File: NECE Flyer 2015.pdf

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