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 *Please note that this program is currently on hold until further notice. Thank you for your interest. 

 First Nation Forestry Diploma Program

This accredited forestry based program trains students to become forester technicians with related skills that support the expansion of innovative green jobs in the area of forestry and renewable energy.

Participants have the opportunity to gain a combination of theory, technical hands-on experience, and cultural and traditional knowledge from a First Nation perspective. There are many practical hands-on opportunities throughout the program; participate in field camp and practice forestry skills while developing teamwork skills. Individuals acquire the skills to work effectively in natural resources management – from identifying trees to working with high-tech computers.

The program gives the student the knowledge and ability to make assessments and give input based on First Nation values and the understanding of the environment. Forestry Technicians are responsible for resource management planning and protection. The students’ success in this program together with experts and community leaders will make a difference to ensure a sustainable environment.

There are several major employers in the field seeking to hire graduates; hydroelectric companies, conservation authorities, First Nations, municipalities, forest industry (woodlands, sawmills, pulp mills), government agencies, forest nurseries, federal/provincial forestry related ministries, and private contractors both in Canada and abroad.

Employment Opportunities:
  •        Forest ecosystem assessor
  •        Firefighter
  •        Silviculture technician
  •        Forest technician
  •        Conservation authority technician
  •         Forest operation supervisor
  •         Forest planner
Admission Requirements:
  • Minimum Grade 12 English and Mathematics

    If you do not possess these credits, please contact us to learn about where you may acquire these courses. Additional testing or academic upgrading may be necessary to meet specific course requirements for this program. 

  • Mature Student Status is also any option if you do not possess a high school diploma

    If you are 19 years of age or older please contact us to arrange a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT).

If you are a community member affiliated to the Southern First Nation Secretariat please contact Shirley Miller for possible funding opportunities; 1-800-668-2609 Extension 223.


All applicants must arrange with the Anishinabek Educational Institute to complete the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) before determining eligibility regardless of academic standing.


Program Of Study

Semester 1


 Environmental Leadership

 College Communication Skills for Environmental Sciences
 Ecosystem Skills
 Geospatial Techniques
                     Applied Mathematics in Natural Resource Sciences
                     Ecology and Environment
Semester 2


Technical Reporting

Data Management for Environmental & Natural Resources
Wildlife Observation Skills
Forest Fire Science
Tree Shrubs of Ontario
                    Forest Measurement
                    Soil Studies I
                    Soil Studies II

Semester 3

                    Forestry Field Camp
                    Forest Ecology and Silvics
                    Forest Entomology and Pathology
                    Forest Management Using GIS
                    Environmental Issues: Human Factor
                    Air Phot Interpretation
                    Geomatics in Surveying

Semester 4


                     Forest Products: Utilization and Scaling
                     Annual Forest Planning with GIS
                     Urban Forest Science
                     Forest Horticulture
                     Human Relations


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